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Ride. Rock. Rally. Hill Climb Challenge

Prepare to challenge yourself with nearly 5 miles of riding up beautiful Sunshine Canyon in iconic Boulder. Then coast back, enjoy refreshments, and get a free skin cancer screening. You can sweat some more at our Music Festival in North Boulder Park as you rock to "The Gasoline Lollipops" and "The Samples." Concert begins at 4:00pm.

* * PARKING is extremely limited in and around North Boulder Park.  Ride your bike and check your bike in at the FREE Bike Valet or park in teh City of Boulder and walk over to North Boulder Park.  Illegally parked cars in and around the park will be towed at the owners expense.

Event Schedule

Ride. Rock. Rally. May 20th Event Schedule

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• Riders will start and finish at North Boulder Park in Boulder, Colorado.
• Riders will go South on 9th Street, Right on Mapleton Street, and ascend 5 miles to the Summit of Sunshine Canyon.
• The average grade is 6%, topping out at 11% - straight climbing!

Course Map


• The goal of the event is to safely complete as many climbs up to Bald Mountain checkpoint as possible within the 5-hour time limit.
• Riders will receive an event passport during the check-in. At each checkpoint, riders must record the time they reach the control point.
• Teams can combine fundraising efforts and share the climbing load.
• Each rider climbs to the summit and retrieves a tile and returns to North Boulder Park with the tile.
• The climb will be timed, but the descent will not be timed.
• Results will be posted based on number of climbs completed and fastest ascent to the summit.
• Riders will have a mandatory 1-minute stop at 3 different checkpoints on the descent.
• Riders must be 15 years or older.


• Fastest Male (KOM) and Female Rider (QOM) receive $1,000 in their name to be added to their donation to MRF. Plus, other prizes are to be determined (jersey - award - VIP package with band).
• Most climbs by Corporate Teams - (VIP packages - jerseys - awards - staff lunch).
• Most climbs by Friends and Family Teams - (Same as above).

Starting Format:

• All riders start anytime between 11 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. No riders can begin a lap after 4:30 p.m.

• Riders must ride to the right and pass on the left at all times.
• Riders must yield to all traffic signs and lights.
• Riders must stop at all descent checkpoints.
• Riders must check in at base station at NBP to begin next climb.

Supporting the MRF
Ride. Rock. Rally. is brought to you by the Melanoma Research Foundation in partnership with Array BioPharma. All proceeds from this exhilarating event will benefit melanoma research and cancer patient support initiatives. Slather on your sunscreen, grab your bike and helmet, and sign up now!